The philanthropic mission of Chemo Noir is to host and inspire wine centric events that raise money to provide financial support to the families, friends and fighters in their battle with Cancer.

We welcome you to apply for this funding and require the following three parts as outlined below. Per this application process, the organization intends to disseminate funds directly to the institutions versus giving money to the recipients, as our mission is to mitigate financial burden.

  1. PART ONE: key contact information*
  2. PART TWO: your story submission and your “why.” We anticipate compelling and trying stories, and our selection process, although likely emotional, will include objectivity and be both cancer agnostic and age agnostic. Any medium is acceptable (i.e. written document, pictures, video, etc.).
  3. PART THREE: submission of a copy of medical bills, amounts to be paid, and deeper compelling layer to the “why.”  This is the proof point, and how the funds will ultimately be allocated.

All three of these steps are required to be completed and mailed to Chemo Noir and will be evaluated and selected by our Board of Directors. For our 2017 distributions, our recipients must be a legal citizen of the United States and must submit this application by 12/12/2017. 

Download the application to review the full submission requirements

Stay tuned for the first (of many) Chemo Noir IMPACT STORIES, coming December 2017!

For any questions, please contact us