There will be a comprehensive application process, and first distribution of funds will be 4Q17. This organization is focused on relieving some of the stress that financial burden, specifically from large medical bills, causes on individuals and families during their battle with Cancer. The intent of forming a non-profit is to maximize our funds raised from our generous donors and contributors, and also limit the additional tax burden on our organization and the recipients. 

The application process will include three main parts, and the organization intends to disseminate funds directly to the institutions versus giving money to the recipients.  

  1. Part one: key information needed based on our 501 c3 status (i.e. name, address, contact info, social security #, etc). 
  2. Part two: the story submission. We anticipate compelling and trying stories, and our process will be both cancer agnostic and age agnostic.
  3. Part three: submission of medical bills, amounts to be paid, and deeper compelling layer to the “why.”  This is the proof point, and how the funds will ultimately be allocated.

There will be much more information to come here once we complete our first year of fundraising and as we evolve towards our future.  Stay tuned for the Chemo Noir IMPACT STORIES, coming 2018!

For any questions, please contact us!