Our Chemo Noir CREW is a group of dedicated volunteers that help and support with the logistics, planning and operations of our events. 

katrin casey

CREW chair that has assembled this all-star team for Chemo Noir. @katcasey

danielle bergh

After seeing how strong and positive Kat was during such an unimaginable time it only makes sense for her to create this amazing foundation. Our vino nights were such an inspiration and I'm stoked to be apart of something that will hopefully help others as well. @dancepartyoftwo

janette wilcox

Board member and CREW wingman. My favorite color (Noir appropriately) is red.   I have run the NYC marathon for the American Cancer Society, and have been personally affected by people I love battling Cancer. Follow me on Facebook.

Wendy Alexaitis

Privileged to be one of the very first members of the FOUNDER'S CLUB. I wanted to become involved in Chemo Noir because cancer impacts everyone, and I have personally had love ones that have been and are affected. I have been active at all of the events, and am proud to be a Chemo Noir endorsed runner.  @wendya15

Shannon Largin

I had the pleasure of meeting Kat over 2 years ago on our own version of Chemo Noir night at World of Beer. I was immediately drawn to her charismatic personality and deeply touched by her incredible story. Fast forward 1 year later when my dad was taken too soon by this awful disease. “F Cancer” became my sentiment and Chemo Noir became my passion. Serving on the Chemo Noir Crew is how I will ensure his memory lives on. I’ve lived on the First Coast all my life and will forever call it home. I’m excited to share this wonderful cause across North Florida and beyond! #cancersucks @slargin

Nicole (& BILL) Bickford

I met Kat through my wonderful husband - he and Kat have worked together over the years. As like so many others, cancer has affected my family/loved ones.  I am inspired by Kat’s mission and vision to help others in their journey of battling and overcoming cancer, and I knew I had to be part of it! @nie0429

Kirstie Erickson

It was a fall afternoon in 2012 when Kat walked in to the WINE bar I was cocktail serving at when we met. I think it's safe to say, we both instantly knew that we would be homie homes for life. I've had the pleasure of throwing back copious amounts of wine and good cheer with my dear friend. I will never forget the day I received the call that my homie homes was in the hospital with cancer. My first instinct (besides get to Kat and give her a massive hug) was to go straight to Seasons 52 and get some Schug Pinot Noir! Needless to say, watching Kat's journey, her fight and her positivity throughout was inspirational. Kat's determination and will to help people in our community is incredible and something I couldn't miss the opportunity to be a part of. I am more than excited to not only be on the Crew, but also for being Founder number 2! I can't wait to watch this charity take off and help the lives and families of many in the years to come. F cancer!

Courtney Fluegel

Met Kat on the soccer pitch, and knowing her story and knowing how positive and amazing of a person she is has really inspired me to want to help those fighting the battle.  Cancer has touched my family and husbands family personally as well, and I want to help and give back.  Chemo Noir is the perfect outlet bc I love wine and get to give back! @courtneyfluegel

Kimberly Mashek

I encountered Kat and Chemo Noir through 3 degrees of separation - Kat to Kirstie Erickson to Amelia Campbell to me; and 1 invitation to a sunrise pilates class. I felt the authenticity and big picture vision of making a meaningful impact on peoples' lives that Kat has both in her way of being and through this organization.  My husband and I love wine and lead a Vinyasa + Vino workshop at Big Fish Power Yoga, so I felt like using our platform to raise money for Chemo Noir is how we could be of service - which ultimately is our higher calling.  To get to be at cause for people, with wine, while spending time with great people - it's a dream and I'm so thankful I even get to be a part! @kimmieloo

Also on the CREW...

Laura Land Daconceicao


Kim Bott

Russ JordaK